Dead Love: Favorite Hollywood Zombies

Yesterday, on the air with Lilycat, a question about zombie films came up and Mark Espinosa and Linda Watanabe McFerrin racked their brains to come up with titles and ultimately shared just a few because I’m sure both of them hate tests, and although there was a lot of chocolate, it wasn’t enough to make them want to dig down deep into the gray matter and squeeze. So I’m reminding you of some of my big screen zombie faves:

  • 1932 The White Zombie: Bela Lugosi plays a vodou master enlisted to zombiefy a young bride.
  • 1943 I Walked with a Zombie: Loosely adapted from Jane Eyre, the movie traces the dark discoveries of a nurse hired to care for a plantation owner’s catatonic wife.
  • 1956 Plan 9 From Outer Space: Edward D. Wood Jr.’s cult classic has aliens resurrecting zombies in a plan to conquer Earth.
  • 1962 Carnival of Souls: A young woman survives a car crash only to be pursued by zombies.
  • 1968 Night of the Living Dead: George Romero’s cult classic about seven unfortunates surrounded by hungry, flesh-eating zombies.
  • 1985 Return of the Living Dead: A spoof of Romero’s classic, this time the zombies are attacking teens.
  • 1985 Re-Animator: Loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft’s serial novella, the dead are revitalized by a serum.
  • 1988 The Serpent and the Rainbow: Based on the book by famed ethnobotanist Wade Davis, this movie takes the view to Haiti, home of true zombies.
  • 1989 Pet Sematary: Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, the dead rise again in Maine.
  • 1992 Dead Alive: Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s gore-drenched movie about a young man who plays caregiver for his zombie mom.
  • 2002 Resident Evil: Based on the popular video game, commandos infiltrate an underground lab manned by ravenous zombies.
  • 2003 28 Days Later: A virus infects humans with a murderous rage and turns them into zombies.
  • 2004 Dawn of the Dead: This remake of a 1978 Romero film, made $60 million.
  • 2004 Shaun of the Dead: Independent film and large moneymaker about zombies combining horror and comedy.
  • 2005 Corpse Bride: Tim Burton directs this darkly humorous animated tale about a bride who comes back from the dead.
  • 2006 Slither: A mysterious meteor infected with a deadly alien plague turns the inhabitants of a small hunting town into space zombies.
  • 2009 Zombieland: Zombies get the short end of the stick when Woody Harrelson starts swinging.
  • The Crazies: Remake of the 1973 George A. Romero cult classic of the same name, a government plane carrying a biochemical weapon crashes into a lake and, well, let’s just say: Don’t drink the water.
  • 2010 Survival of the Dead: On an island off the coast of Delaware … the Irish are feuding, of course. This time it’s about zombies.

To name a few, but there are many, many more … they just keep coming ...

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    What an impressive list … and reminder that zombies are not alone, on the streets, in the malls, in the theaters, on celloloid or on screen. The living needs to prepare to deal with the dead … and the undead … sooner that later. Looks like there's room for a leader or two. Erin, you game?

  • Joanna Biggar

    I can't believe I hung out in Coffee with a Beat with you this morning, shared some java, and lived to tell it. Girlfriend, you are posting some seriously scary “recipes” here.

    Joanna (Duck and Cover) Biggar