Dead Love: Erin’s Zombie Christmas Letter

I am frankly envious—color me ghoulish green—of all those Christmas letters. I do think they are horrid things for the people who receive them and wonder:

  • Who is this guy?
  • How come I wasn’t included in the year of glorious fun?
  • I was there; why are all those “famous friends” mentioned and not me?
  • “Dear Friends?” Seriously?
  • A photocopied signature? Seriously?

For the creators, on the other hand, it must be fun to review the year, delete all the icky parts and brag on the good bits. Call me counter-culture; call me bizarre; I prefer to read and hear about what really happened, which I’ve found is generally ghastly.

Here’s my Christmas letter:

Dear Ghoulie Guys and Gals,

Well, it’s been quite a year of virtual fun. I’ve been blogging religiously on the “Daily Slice” about zombie matters with a fervor that defies reality. I do love any of you who have stuck with me through the year. Yes, you are true friends and I know just who you are and who you aren’t through the miracle of Google Analytics. And I also know if you have canceled your subscription to the “Slice” or simply not been interested. Screw you. You aren’t reading this anyway.

That said, it’s been a joy to pour my heart out to you and bring you the best of all things zombie. ZIA members and Zombie Posse, thank you for your updates, support, and undying interest. I salute you!

To the DEAD LOVE gang, including the oft-times odious Clément, thanks for all the support and the occasional contributions. You bleed red blood. And I want to thank all those zombie kings and queens who have played a part in my posts through interviews or sharing with their various mobs … dead-love ya.

Here are the good bits:

  • ZIA updates that brought more cool zombie stuff to my attention (yeah!)
  • The plethora of zombie news this year, which made blogging eeeeeasy
  • Interviews with fine fiends and friends
  • Zombie Walks!
  • Zombie poetry
  • Ghoulish translations
  • Great zombie art … thanks Bart!
  • Zombie travel (rough) and the hosts (sweet!)
  • DEAD LOVE parties
  • DEAD LOVE readers

It was a typical zombie year with major ups and downs, stumbling, pratfalls, injuries, lost parts and dogged persistence. Merry Christmas! May your ROI, whatever that investment is, always be bloody spot on.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Zombie art courtesy of Bart Frescura, copyright Bart Frescura

  • Lisa

    LOVED DEAD LOVE. Just finished it last night. To the end it had me saying “eeeeuuuuu” in all the right places. Brava for the great folkgore, Linda. Appreciate the infusion of your varied and fascinating experiences and the damp depth of your imagination. W/respect & all beast wishes in the new eer, Lisa