Dead Love: Delightfully Disgusting

Just want to share a nice review from ForeWord, a magazine that alerts the book trade and readers to what’s coming up in the world of books. My favorite line:

Delightfully disgusting, Dead Love is the new horror genre at its best. Fans of Twilight, World War Z, and Neil Gaiman will devour this fine novel whole.

—Claire Rudy Foster, ForeWord

Read the entire review here.


—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • John Fetto

    Fantastic. Delightfully disgusting…t

  • Mgreenway

    Congrats, Linda!

  • boldlow

    Hey Erin – finally, your story is getting the attention and accolades it deserves! It IS an alluring and fantastic story. Congrats!