Dead Love: Dead Girls Love Voltaire

Ahhhh, Voltaire, so moody, so gypsy, so quirky—the dead and the undead love him and his music. And he loves them. Well, he has a lot to say about the dead. The dead don’t say a thing, except maybe late at night when the lights are out in the morgue and the drawers open. That’s when the real gossip starts.

Personally, I adore him. I think he’s channeling Jim Morrison, whose grave I once visited in Pere LaChaise Cemetery in Paris.

Here’s a bit of the lyric from Dead Girls, a dark little ditty about the whys and wherefores of necrophilia from his Almost Human album. Viva Voltaire!

Dead Girls

… have you ever tasted love like this?
cool and smooth have you ever been accepted unconditionally?
have you ever loved someone who didn’t hurt you, didn’t harm you?

There’s no pain and there’s no pressure
no humiliation
there’s no fear and there’s no shame
there’s no pulse now is it so strange?

dead girls like me
can’t you see?
only dead girls like me
oh, dead girls like me
can’t you see?
only dead girls don’t walk away from me
sad as it seems

—Voltaire, Almost Human

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Voltaire is tres cool – can hear the Jim Morrison influence…and Paganini. Great music – gotta go, now, and pick up the fiddle. Always learn something new on The Slice – thanks!