Dead Love: Cuban Zombies – Juan of the Dead

Zombies in Cuba? You just have to ask, “What took them so long?”

Well, things move slowly there, which is precisely why it is the perfect place for zombies to congregate. So, we of the DEAD LOVE cast of characters are not surprised to hear that Cuba has finally embraced the undead.

Juan of the Dead or Juan de los Muertos is the second film by 34-year-old writer-director Alejandro Brugues, who like many Cubans is quite creative in the salvage and reuse of old stuff (that old ’57 Chevy, for example). He has taken the zombie story, which we all know has a sociopolitical message buried deep in its creepy core, and given it a Cuban spin. When a contamination—thought to be U.S. engineered (so Cuban)—hits the shores of the island, Juan makes a killing on zombie killing

According to the AP report, Spain’s La Zanfona Producciones, two Spanish television channels, the government of Spain’s Andalucia region and the state-run Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography are backing the film with a $2.1 million budget— small potatoes unless you are in Cuba where, according to one of the co-producers, most films are made for under $300,000. A huge hunk of that budget will go to special effects. Yeah!

So in one fell swoop, Cuba jumps from the early 20th Century to the zombie apocalypse. That’s progress!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Liters of blood and a disembodied head – sounds like the perfect recipe for a good zombie movie. Makes me think of the Last Man on Earth (or something like this) with Vincent Price. Sounds like it'll be a hit at the theater! Thanks for the heads up…uh – no pun intended!!