Dead Love: Crafty Zombies Have More Fun

Downtime can be deadly, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate this clever way to fill it: with the Zombie Cross-Stitch kit by Erika Kern and Kristy Kizzee. Cross-stitch is very low-tech, so you can do it by moonlight or candlelight when the power is out and the batteries on your computer have expired. In short, this can take your mind off your woes during a zombie apocalypse in the quiet time between attacks of the living dead. Traditionally, it’s been a way to “dress up” the home. We like the idea of a “Got Brains?” pillow or a cute “I (heart) stiff drinks” bar towel. These days we expect ghouls of every gender will find it a comforting way to waste away the hours, though from the look of the patterns, these items won’t take an eternity to finish.

Like DEAD LOVE, this dead-lightful zombie item is available from Barnes and Noble, though we missed it when we were there last week. Thankfully, it was on the radar of one of our ZIA members, because we want you to use those fingers while you still have them, and isn’t it great to make something when everything else seems to be falling apart?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Leslie-lee

    That is very funny, and if I were an arts and crafts type person, I would seriously consider picking one up.