Dead Love: This Corpse Bride

Tell me my dear, can a heart still break once it’s stopped beating? Hm?

—Barkis Bittern, Corpse Bride

Of course it can. It’s as if he read my mind. This is the story I love so much. So dark, so sad, so full of heart. Poor Emily, she needs saving and Victor has that within his means … however … he can’t … he won’t … oh, no!

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride came out in 2005 and Dead Love (my story) was still sliding off potential editors’ desks into a kind of literary oblivion. One, two, three, four … five hundred. Poor Erin. So many years—decades nearly—underground while other dead things came out to play. Ohhhhhh.

But resurrection is the name of the game. You simply can’t understand unless you have loved and lost and lived in the shadows for AGES. If you have, then maybe you’ll sympathize with Emily’s predicament and mine. Thank goodness for my saviors. You know who you are and who you aren’t.

Corpse Bride is a bouquet of deathly beauty. Lovely songs. Great Romance. Sigh. I’m going to watch it again while sipping on a zombie.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice