Dead Love: Comic-Con goes On and On

… and so does Captain Kirk.

He’s the man, the human whose brain zombies and aliens would most like to eat. I mean that in a good way. After all, he’s had first contact with lots of creepy creatures. William Alan Shatner, the Canadian actor who played Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek and the Big Giant Head in 3rd Rock from the Sun among other stellar roles, was one of the big stars turning heads, brightening booths and slowing traffic to a zombie-like crawl at Comic-Con.

Of course who wouldn’t stop to gawk? This guy is almost 80 and he’s still bigger than life or fiction. He is, in fact, synonymous with sci-fi in my book, and now he’s all atwitter now in $#*! My Dad Says.

He is the undead!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment, copyright 2010 © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • boldlow

    Shatner is an icon – will be revered and remembered for his over-the-top acting style. The Slice did a nice touch folding him into the news re Comic-Con. Love The Slice!