Dead Love: British Zombie Holiday

What are you doing on July 4th?

Perhaps you would like to go to Horwich (pronounced “Horrich”) Carnival where zombie organizers are hoping to break a world record when 2000 zombies march in the Carnival Parade. The record is currently held by the City of Manchester, which gathered 1,950 of the undead for an event in 2009.

Of course they need more zombies, so an appeal has been issued, although we haven’t heard a word about goody bags or zombie swag for the participants. What exactly would that be, anyway? Still, this is plenty of notice and Horwich, a town and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, in Greater Manchester, England, should be quite nice at that time of year what with the West Pennine Moors and all.

This event is not to be confused with the Horwich Carnival Races, which involve running and are an entirely different affair. Zombies will not be required to run. Good thing, as it’s hard on those stiff body parts.

Be warned, there is a fee for participation: Zombies will be charged £1 to take part. The money goes to local charities, so what happens in Horwich, in some ways, stays in Horwich.

Just like Vegas … well, kind of.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice