Dead Love: Brainy Things

I went there looking for brains … and boy, did I find them. But not in the manner expected. No one wanted to eat the brains—not that I do, either, I’m just saying—they wanted to study them. This brain-tech is certainly exciting. It just gets those neurotransmitters to popping and fizzing. There were some scientist types there who were doing things like giving talks at Yerba Buena Center the next night (that’s tonight) on stem cell research and there were writers and there was a lot of talk about the malleable and elastic body, at least the way it is viewed by researchers today. I loved the part about the little rats and the pigs and how like humans they are because I am very fond of rats and pigs … because they really are so much like us, though I tend to favor the small rodents. I’m also very attracted to my neighborhood squirrels, which I’ve mentioned before.

But I digress … What was fascinating was Judith Horstman’s easy to understand round-up of our bright and brainy future. It’s amazing what those 2-3 pounds of gray and white matter can do, especially considering that the brain’s bilateral structure originated with a tube worm. But brains have come a long way from their wormy beginnings, and Judith was talking about microchips that can give us mental Wi-Fi, neuroenhancers (already being used by many) that give us super brain power, about connecting the brain up to bionic and biological spare parts, and more. It was sci-fi now and I have to admit, it was pretty sexy and exciting in a brain teasing way. So, all in all, an evening well-spent, which is more than I can say for most of my time. And I am recommending The Scientific American Brave New Brain by Judith Horstman to anyone hungry for brain food.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

  • Debbie

    Dear Erin, I was there too. I'm just checking with others who attended because I seem to have lost part of my brain that evening and I'm wondering if you saw it? It is gray, on the lighter side and a bit worn. I'm hoping the microchip enhancements are available soon if my brain parts cannot be found. It's really weird. Most of my contemporaries are also complaining about losing brains. Is this a zombie conspiracy? Anyway, let me know if you saw anything that night. Thanks!

  • Oh, yeah. I think I saw it under one of the chairs. Big gray thing? I thought it was a handbag!