Dead Love: Bookstore Zombie

I do love a good place to buy books,and New York’s Bryant Park Kinokuniya Bookstore  is near the top of my list. It reminds me of the great London bookstores: several floors, fine city street views from every level, super selection of books, hip cafe. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the architect studied in London. But what I really dug was the plethora of books on favorite topics: anime, manga, Japanese ghosts and spirits, and zombies.

In fact there was a whole table of zombie books, a veritable mob: Paul is Undead, A Zombie’s Guide to the Human Body (quite informative), The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies, Brains for Lunch, Hungry for Love, Zombie Pirate and Dead Love—both the paperback and the limited edition hardcover with the manga insert.

Copies of Dead Love sold. One listener said it was the reading that sucked her in. She better devour the book before the anticipation eats her alive.

Kinokuniya has more copies, so if you missed the reading, drop in or send your friends there to drool over the tremendous stock of exciting titles and to pick up a signed copy of Dead Love, a novel about unrequited love, sinister plots, Japan, the yakuza, ghouls, and zombies.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Wish I could have been there to see the treasure trove AND hear Linda's reading – love watching roamers get caught in her web, stop what they're doing and sit down to be mesmerized by a good Dead Love excerpt. So many bookstores, so many readers … so little time. Stagger on!