Dead Love: Booklist calls Dead Love “delightfully lurid”!

It is such a deeply, profoundly satisfying pleasure to be understood, isn’t it? That’s why I am in love with the brain of the Booklist reviewer who digested Dead Love with such sensitivity and … taste.

Here’s the review from Booklist:

The heroine of Watanabe’s delightfully lurid tale is 18-year-old Erin Orison, who has arrived in Tokyo to live with her father, Christian, an American ambassador, and study dance under a legendary Japanese master. Erin is disappointed but unsurprised to find her father absent when she arrives in Tokyo. He leaves her in the care of a handsome Japanese man named Ryu, whom she soon learns is a gangster. She also unwittingly meets the ghoul Clement, a creature who moves from dead body to dead body and has developed a fixation on Erin. Clement is in possession of a microchip that could expose Erin’s father and many other powerful men, and it is he who tells Erin she is a pawn in her father’s plan to recover the microchip. Determined to have Erin, Clement orchestrates an effort to fatally poison her and turn her into a zombie in the hopes of bending her to his will. Fans of supernatural fare will find this a tantalizing and original offering.

—Kristine Huntley, Booklist

Definitely a response worth savoring.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Annd

    Congrats, Erin, on a great review.

  • boldlow

    Nothing like a good review to get the juices flowin'! Congrats to the Dead Love cast!

  • Cheryl Mclaughlin

    Awesome! Congrats to the Dead Love Cast and Crew.