Dead Love Book Flies off Shelves

This weekend proved that fiends … or at least fiendish tales … do fly. The first copies of DEAD LOVE managed to fly their way to Book Passage and were gobbled up faster than you can say, “Begone Banshee!” Fortunately Book Passage has a lot of books coming in for the huge DEAD LOVE Book Party, which you’d BETTER plan to attend. But buy DEAD LOVE in advance, if you REALLY want to get it. They already have a lot of orders for the books on the books (ha, ha), so there is a possibility that you might not get one. If you think I’m kidding check out the rsvp’s so far. That’s a lot of books … and if you aren’t coming—and you should be coming because it’s going to be mad-fun—at least get your book order in.

Here’s an early review on DEAD LOVE:

Delightfully disgusting, Dead Love is the new horror genre at its best. Fans of Twilight, World War Z,and Neil Gaiman will devour this fine novel whole.
—Claire Rudy Foster, ForeWord (September 2010)

For a real dark treat, make sure to scoop up the limited hardcover edition with the graphic/manga insert. It’s a rare fiend … I mean FIND!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


  • boldlow

    Flying Fiends, emptying shelves, great reviews…sounds like your story is catching the thermals (from Hell?) and beginning to soar! Love the continual updates … keep 'em up!

  • Leanne

    Can't wait til your story arrives, Erin, and I can dig in.

  • mavenvoyages

    Check out my hometown zombies on YouTube–Copperfield's Books Zombie Walk in Sebastopol, October 18th 2009