Dead Love: Blood ‘n’ Suds Zombie Carwash

Please think about this the next time zombies attack your car and violently paw at the windows: They are only trying to wash it.

Yes, turns out that zombies love slobbering all over your car—in a good way. At least that’s what Toronto zombies proved at the Blood ‘n’ Suds fundraiser, one of many being thrown to raise money for the Toronto Zombie Walk, which will take place on October 23rd. This is a walk to end all walks, or maybe to start all walks, and it is the brainchild (yum) of the delectable Thea Munster. More on Thea, the gore-geous zomb-shell later …

Suffice it to say that the car wash was a success. Of course! Everyone knows that zombies have a thing for autos with the windows rolled up, that they literally throw themselves into the action. I’m just wondering why this kind of thing can’t happen all year long—at gas stations, in parking lots. Where the heck are the zombies with the windshield cleaner when you need ’em?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Photo from Toronto Zombie Walk album