Dead Love: Best Zombie Christmas Gift

Just received the best zombie Christmas gift EVER: zombie finger puppets. Thanks to ZIA members and zombie sweethearts MB and JBK for the digital magic.

They are made by Archie McPhee, which bills itself as “slightly less disappointing than most companies,” and they are available just about anywhere zombie stuff is sold. Exposed brains, open wounds, missing limbs—they are crafted from soft, floppy rubber and they have a funny smell (ha, ha), but it’s not unpleasant if you like sniffing chemicals. I think they glow in the dark, which is a good thing when you are talking zombies.

Perfect friends for the friendless. Buy all five and have a zombie party. Let your fingers do the walking, stumbling, lurching. Have an undead puppet show for pennies. Script in the zombie conversation:

Zombie One: Arrrrrgh!

Zombie Two: Waaaaaargh!

So sophisticated.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice