Dead Love: Another Voodoo Venue

While Ryu is hanging out in Haiti in the latest Dead Love serializations, I’m going to focus on the local “voodoo” scene, which means the flashlight hits San Jose’s VooDoo Lounge (14 South Second Street). The music is hip hop, R&B, soul, neo-soul, rock, reggae, metal, punk, or ska—depending on the night—and the bartenders and bouncers do what bartenders and bouncers do: pour and protect. This crowd keeps them busy.

If you haven’t been to downtown San Jose, the beat here might be rhythmic enough to allure. You can eat first at the San Jose Bar & Grill or Tres Gringos Baja Cantina, both just down the street from VooDoo. Then take your chances at the VooDoo Lounge.

It gets mixed reviews. Some people hate it, some love it. Not sure about you.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Hi Erin – sounds like a place where we zombie-followers would enjoy … and find you there, dancing your characteristic style in the middle of the dance flloor… take a bow!