Dead Love: A Zombie in the House?

Yes, at Reorbit. I have a starring role (hair and make-up for the play by artist Audrey Kawasaki).

Reorbit is an experiment in social media theater. A reanimation of well-known historical and literary figures personified by authors/actors today; performed in real-time 140-character byte-sized bits to an online audience of followers ; hyper–extended and presented on a featureful website.

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be starring in the Reorbit virtual playhouse along with an ensemble cast that includes Sylvia Plath, Arthur Miller, Samuel Beckett, Emperor Norton and more.

The official theater launch is Tuesday, March 1 on Twitter, but the play is already on. Watch the characters as we go about our daily lives and misadventures. Follow us in real-time on this site or via Twitter.

Here’s the recent press about this bold new virtual experiment:

“Reorbit is putting together writers who can tweet as literary or historical figures and they are calling out for talented people to join in.”
—BBC Outriders by Jamillah Knowles, Jan 11, 2011

“The organization that they’re building to do it will function a bit like a theater company, and for some reason, it feels like such a thing really should exist.”
—The Atlantic by Alexis Madrigal, Jan 05, 2011

So check out my performance for and friend me on twitter for a dark and delirious tumble through the everyday.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice