Dead Love: A Little Gloomy Today

Feeling a little gloomy? I am. Really gloomy actually. And when I feel that way, I dive into a comic book. This time it’s Little Gloomy, a supposedly goth-related comic created by Landry Walker and Eric Jones and published by Slave Labor Graphics.

Little Gloomy lives in Frightsylvania with pals and enemies Larry the Werewolf, Frank, Mummy, Carl Cthulhu, Simon Von Simon(her ex-boyfriend), Evey (her ex-BFF), Lily and Shelly.

Sometimes I feel like I live in Frightsylvania, a town inhabited by monsters; but no, it’s just my regular old zombie world. Antidote: a spot of Dead Love.

Of course, there ARE zombies in Frightsylvania.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice