Dead Love: A Dark Day of Love

Just when I thought I was recovering from one wild and crazy day of dark love and darker chocolate, I find that it isn’t over! No, February 15th is actually the second day of the original festival of lust … the Lupercalia! Booze, nudity, fertility rituals, and their own x-rated version of—those early roman-tics were a maniacal lot, especially when it came to passionate matters.

To further complicate the twisted history of the dead-licious date, way back in the day one of those lunatic Roman emperors, Claudius II, had an early Christian priest by the name of Valentinus (gosh, they HATED those love-preaching Christians) executed on February 14th. First they beat him with clubs and when that didn’t do him in, they cut off his head. Instant—you guessed it—martyr. Well of course this was a to become a imperial PR nightmare and the perfect way for a clever Pope to hijack the nasty old Lupercalia and turn it into a Christian day to remember … the Feast of St. Valentine.

Hearts and flowers came in the Middle Ages when everyone was courting everyone else … tra la. But there’s no way to deny it: Call it what you will, it’s been a bloody mad time from the get-go. Give it at least two days … maybe more.

Interesting? That’s what a little digging gets you.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice (dark matters daily)

  • Anonymous

    Erin – this is fascinating! Who knew? You did and you shared it with us, your nearly brain-dead ZIA. What an honor … what fun! Thanks for the education. What marvelous distinction does the 16th have … or is that a secret to be revealed in DEAD LOVE? Stagger on …