Dark B’Arts

Once again we’re celebrating the amazing work of Bay Area artist Bart D. Frescura. His images are often used on this site to illustrate The Daily Slice. What is it that we (Erin, Clément & Co.) like about them the most? We like the way Bart is able to capture the beauty and energy in what some might consider dark, broken, lost, dispossessed.

Whether it’s his paintings; his photo collections of abandoned and haunted places, rust and reclamation, graveyards, battered barns, skulls and bones, odds, ends and oddities; or his fantastic portraits—all are mesmerizing. You can find a gallery worth perusing here. And you can enjoy them from time to time on this site. We’ll try to keep you posted on upcoming shows. That is, if Bart lets us know.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice