Apocalyptic Anxiety Cannibalization Stress Disorder

Just like the freaky Consortium, we are up to our armpits in some fairly savage night feasters and they aren’t zombies or so it would seem according to David Sirota’s “What’s with all the zombies” essay in Salon.com. According to Sirota, zombies have “lurched back into preeminence” for some very good reasons. “In fact, I’ll go out on a severed limb and take it further: If zombies specifically represent the apocalyptic downsides of immortalized mindlessness, then today‚Äôs zombie zeitgeist is not merely a result of scary quandaries created by stupidity. It is a reaction to both those problems and the sense that they can never be thwarted,” says Sirota.

Don’t fall into the zombie trap. Do what Erin does: Run!