9. Let’s Make a Deal (3)

In view of what he had witnessed already, farfetched as this seemed, it must have sounded to Ryu like this grandiose claim was a very real possibility. A sour knot form in his throat. Discomforted by it, he looked quickly away.

The clerk prattled on. “Too bad about Erin, isn’t it? Now, there’s an assignment. She’s really quite lovely, isn’t she?” He grew suddenly quiet and pensive. Then he made a face.

“Too bad she believed in you. She has no idea what you are up to. You were going to kill her that night in that stupid hotel. That was the arrangement between the Consortium and the yakuza, between Orison and your avaricious clan. A microchip delivered in the body of Orison’s dead daughter: the perfect drop! Ah, but I put a stop to that, didn’t I? Poor Erin, just another girl trying to get her father’s attention. And her ‘protector’ and his kind only mean to exploit her. How sad. How tragic. What chance does she have?”

The talk about me, the references to that night at the Shakayama, no doubt upset Ryu. It was supposed to be simple, straightforward. Instead it had become such a messy business. How did the Clément know about all of this? Why couldn’t Ryu kill him? This one talked and talked. Ryu hated that. Clément’s talk would make a long rope and then Ryu would wrap it around his skinny neck, strangle him with it.

Ryu looked at the clerk and smiled and imagined slipping the knife into his side again. But his pleasure turned quickly to irritation. Why hadn’t the desk clerk died? Did he really believe Clément’s “explanation?” The thought of having some kind of goblin or ghost or ghoul or whatever on his hands was deeply troubling. Ryu did believe in the supernatural and he wanted no truck with it.

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 9.3/Let’s Make a Deal


  • ButterflyGal

    That sneaky Clement!

  • boldlow

    Clement called it. Ryu doesn't stand a chance! Ghoul as hero? Who'd a guessed it? Or it he really? So many twists n turns – won't really know the answers until the end of the book! Thanks for the tease, Erin!