9. Let’s Make a Deal (2)

“Well, aren’t you the smug one?” continued the gabby Clément. “I suppose you’ve guessed at the truth. You’re not dealing with Miura or Arnotine Ferucand or that big bag of blubber you picked up in Jacmel; it’s me you must contend with, and I don’t mean the desk clerk. Miura, Arnotine, the cow, even our dear friend, Carlyle—these are only disguises. They are covers temporarily assumed for the purpose of . . . well, you’ll find out why soon enough. I am all of these and none. I am a master of camouflage, a veritable chameleon. I am something that exists only in your wildest imaginings: a lovable, fun-loving ghoul, or ghul,* depending upon your cultural affiliations, with connections in the highest places. Orison, the Consortium—they all need my help. Oh, they all want me. I am 007-and-then-some, the James Bond of the supernatural set. I have the inside track and the talent to play a starring role in their dirty little games. They think I serve them. Not this ghoul. Remember this, Ryu: I play because I choose to play and although they all think it’s their game, the game really is mine.”

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 9.2/Let’s Make a Deal


*For more information on ghuls, their dark origins and their amazing powers, go to the Persian Epic of Kings.

  • boldlow

    Just gotta love Clement – he knows how to put Ryu (and associates) in their place…and he does it with such style throughout Dead Love. Awesome.

  • boldlow

    And yet, he's a bumbler when it comes to you, Erin. Imagine that!