7. Arnotine Ferucand (4)

The drive back to Port-au-Prince was repugnant. It was almost impossible to get the large woman into the car. Upon seeing her, the translator had crossed himself once, crossed himself again, and deserted at the first opportunity, leaving Ryu alone with the human hippopotamus for the drive back to Port-au-Prince.

She filled the entire back seat of the automobile, her oily flesh pressing softly, like well-yeasted dough, against the back of the driver. He could not help noting, as she settled into the capacious back seat, that the tires of the Mercedes were seriously compromised by her weight and he worried for the whole length of the trip about losing one or all of those tires. Ryu cranked up the air conditioner, but it wasn’t enough to keep the creature from disintegrating. He was drowning in the humid miasma of her breath and perspiration, in a rank, primordial swill. He was grateful when they arrived, at last, at his hotel and escaped from the confines of the car, but his gratitude evaporated in the hotel lobby.

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 7.4/Arnotine Ferucand is Dead


  • none

    Half dead, decomposing flesh – mmmm, that reminds me once in college. Three jocks living in an apartment off campus, one day, unbeknownst to any of us, the rotting, decay Ferry swooped down and zapped our fridge. The stench that escaped upon opening the door was like the epoclypse riding out on a winged gargoyle. Aaaaahh. I miss the college days. lol

  • Anita Jones

    Wow. What a description. Find myself feeling much empathy for “the large woman” who is obviously unhappy in the backseat of life.

  • Cheryl Mclaughlin

    Oooh. The suspense!

  • boldlow

    Nothing like a quick glimpse into an anticipated future to whet my appetite for more … of the story, certainly not fecund leftovers in the fridge! Next?

  • Joanna Biggar

    Human hippopotmus? Great stuff here, and possibly less dangerous than the other sort. Carry on Ryu.