7. Arnotine Ferucand (3)

“Yes,” said the large woman, poking at the body with her surprisingly tiny foot, “that is Arnotine. Ah, Ryu,” she continued in Creole, “you are disappointed, eh, and maybe a little confused?”

“You speak Japanese,” Ryu reminded, hoping to persuade her into his language.

“Sometimes, when I want to,” she rasped back in perfect Nihon-go. Now she was speaking Japanese and Ryu very quickly noted both her thorough understanding of his situation and a disturbing familiarity in her temper and style of address.

“Where is Miura? Where’s the microchip?” the big woman continued. “Trust me, my friend, your search ends with me. As for your precious chip, I know just where it is, and that’s back in Japan, naturally. I came here for other things, for a certain formula, a love potion of sorts. And old Arnotine obliged. But don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy our short junket. Traveling can be so enlightening.” The woman patted her large belly and laughed. “I return a much wiser and happier being. Let’s call it a learning adventure.”

She started to hum a dark little tune as she rustled around in a stack of plastic bags, retrieving a large one with several items inside.

“I’ve packed a few things,” she rumbled and ambled to the threshold, pushing herself through sideways, the tattered curtain tearing and exiting with her.

“Ann ale. Well, come on,” she insisted in Creole, wiping her hands on her dress on the other side of the threshold. “Take me to your leader,” she commanded in Japanese.

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 7.3/Arnotine Ferucand is Dead


  • Jobiggar

    “Take me to your leader”?? That's too wonderful. I hate it though, that Arnotine Ferucand is dead.

  • boldlow

    Love the characters, although Arnotine (great name) is known only through hearsay – distinctive even if dressed in either different outfits, visages or locations. Have to admit – I wouldn't complain if the excerpts were a wee bit longer! After all, September is so far away…