4. Pachinko Palace (4)

Ryu looked up from his conversation. “Miura,” he muttered under his breath.

Miura fought his way toward our table. It was clear he was terribly drunk. He swayed over the table and glared down at the proprietor, then shook his head and gave a dismissive snort. The club owner rose quickly, offered Miura his seat, and left. Miura threw himself into the brightly colored chair. Beneath the large broken nose, his thin lips curled into a smile.

“You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?” slurred Miura.

Ryu’s eyes became slit-like. It was the only sign of a reaction. “You’re drunk, Miura,” he said.

“No. No, I know what I’m talking about.” Miura looked drunkenly over at me and belched. “You have the chip, don’t you, Ryu? The one that unlocks all the secrets of the Consortium.” He whispered that last word. “I just wanna . . .  I just wanna know how you got it before I did.

“Come on, tomodachi, Orison’s piss-ant lawyer gave it to you, didn’t he?” Miura glanced over at me, then looked back at Ryu. “How did you know he had information for sale? Don’t act surprised. I know all about it. That chip . . . it’s the key to every illegal activity funded by that filthy rich gang of mucky-mucks. And right there . . . right at the top, with a meticulous record of every crime, every assassination, every dollar spent on making the world a hellhole, sits Orison.”

From the moment I heard my father’s name I was listening.  So my father was involved in some dastardly business. Well, that was no surprise, but the yakuza too? Ryu?

Miura burped again. “Oh, the Consortium will pay plenty to get that record  back.” He laughed. “I got the whole story out of Carlyle. He sang like a sick cat when I broke that knee. Then I gutted the snitch. Lights out for Carlyle.”

“Liar,” said Ryu. “I saw him eight days ago.”

“Impossible,” Miura roared. “He’s been dead for lots longer than that. He gave you the chip. I gave him his last rites. Fair is fair.”

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    Pachinko Palace! Love it! I used go to to those places 40 years ago!

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