4. Pachinko Palace (2)

My new teacher, my sensei, watched me dance—ballet, butoh, modern jazz. It was exhilarating. I did my best. He said, “You have a talent I have not seen for a very long time.” Then he bowed. “I have a part in my new ballet. You will dance for me?” he asked gently.

“I would be so honored,” I managed to reply in faltering Japanese, my heart beating a wild conga rhythm.

“We should celebrate,” said Ryu with a sly smile when I told him the news.

That was the first night I slept with him. After too many sakes and whiskies onzarokku (on the rocks), I succumbed to his fatal charms, though I thought that I was the seductress.

“Are you tattooed all over?” I teased, loosening his tie, sliding my hand down his torso.

“Wanna see?”

He grinned through his teeth, like a wolf, and unbuttoned his shirt. Tattoos rippled over muscle. He had the most beautiful body I’d ever seen. I was soon to learn that Ryu’s sexual tastes were . . . how shall I put it? . . . unusual. I was no virgin, but all of my previous experiences were hasty encounters grabbed when my friends and I could break from the manic surveillance of our teachers and guardians long enough to create an “adventure.” These were quick, clumsy trysts designed merely to thwart the authorities. Sex with Ryu was nothing like this.

  • Oooh, tell us more…tattoos over rippling muscles. Hot stuff.

  • Toni Piccinini

    I want some more!!!

  • Ryu is sexy. Bad, but sexy.

  • Colleen McFerrin

    Sexy is good. Bad and sexy is better….Hot, bad and sexy is crazy making!

  • Joanna

    OK, this is NEED TO KNOW: Is all this tastiness, well, GLUTEN FREE? We wouldn’t want this girl to be in any danger…