14. Three-days-dead (4)

There were “bloody” footprints all over the kitchen and clear signs of a scuffle. Of course we couldn’t help but notice the hand, severed and foul looking, next to a dirty white glove in a putrefying puddle on one side of the large kitchen counter.

He reached into his pocket for his cell phone. “We shouldn’t touch anything,” he cautioned needlessly. “We should wait for the police.”

I did not wait for the police. While he was calling I slipped out the door, down the elevator and out into the street—confused, three-days-dead, just getting away from it all.


—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 14.4/Three-days-dead



  • Kalpana Mohan

    “Confused, three-days-dead, just getting away from it all”
    I want to know more!