12. Born-again Zombie (9)

“There. Zombie or not, all ready to go. You now carry the chip that could bring down the juggernaut and stop the monster that has sold you down the river. Not me. Christian. Don’t run from me, girl; it will make things much worse. We have a secret, you and I . . . oh, yes, and Ryu, though he knows only part of it. We can all get what we want if you’ll do just as I say and be a good girl . . . a good girl . . . a good girl . . . ”

I opened my eyes. The dark blob hovering over me withdrew and receded. Now it was nothing but a shadow backlit by a light on the other side of the doorway, wavering tantalizingly, there, on the lintel. As I watched, the form ballooned and distorted, then shrank and grew still. Was it a dream? The pain in my belly subsided, became a dull ache. A delicate darkness engulfed me. I sank into the elastic comforts of sleep.

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 12.9/Born-again Zombie