11. Blame it on the Fugu (7)

Ryu was especially fond of fugu. He loved the flush that suffused his body as his heart went into overdrive, the slight mist of perspiration that formed on his upper lip and brow, the gentle numbing of his extremities and the way the world around him seemed to soften and bend as he drifted up and above it. Yamada had prepared a dish called chiri, in which the delicate fillets of the puffer fish have been simmered in a broth that contains the skin, the liver, and the intestines of the creature. To Ryu, fugu was a beautiful weapon, more like a fine blade than a gun. It gave death or delight; he liked that. It bothered him a little that it was Clément who had suggested the blowfish and given him a powder to add to my portion; that in this, as in other things, he had become Clément’s pawn; but no matter. The powder would work with the natural toxins in the fugu to effect the necessary results. To Yamada, his wife and their scrupulous clientele, I would appear to be nothing more than inebriated. To those who mattered, the aim was achieved. I’d been dispatched, and all involved would be happy.

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 11.7/Blame it on the Fugu


  • Anonymous

    As I said, this chapter is one of the most sinister in Dead Love – and it’s so well told. These excerpts are so tantalizing – glad I have a copy of Dead Love to go to and read over and over again. These excerpts are tasty tortures. Thanks again for keeping The Daily Slice so delicious!