10. Girl Crazy (3)

The three old men nodded, began talking amongst themselves.

Clément sauntered toward Ryu, took a stand at his side.

“I’ve won this round. You’re mine, now,” he whispered and put his right arm, the one with the fingerless hand, around the yakuza’s shoulders; the other arm hung limp at his side. His smell had become overwhelming. Ryu’s head was throbbing. Clément had shamed him in front of his clan. He was furious—furious and exhausted and on the verge of a foul sickness. Ryu turned away to keep from retching.

Later, heading back to Tokyo in the same car they’d arrived in, Ryu sat, whey-faced and upset, next to the quarry that had somehow become the keeper. He couldn’t help pondering how quickly the tables had turned. Here he was, in a car befouled by Clément’s dreadful odor, only this time it was clearly Clément who was in charge. They traveled for a long while in silence. Then Clément turned to him, his face not sallow, but ashen.

“You work for me, now, Ryu,” he rasped. “I have a plan and I need you to help me execute it. It involves your pretty girlfriend, Erin, the one you were supposed to deliver.”

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 10.3/Girl Crazy


Zombie art courtesy of Bart Frescura, copyright Bart Frescura

  • boldlow

    Another side of Clement – another aspect of what a ghoul is, what a ghoul wants and how it goes about getting it. Clement is mercurial and that's the way we like him! Can't wait for more revealings!