10. Girl Crazy (2)

“He is a devil and he wants our souls,” warned the second old man.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous,” scoffed Clément. “Can we put aside these absurd suppositions? What I want is for the drop to commence as planned. I want Ryu, here, to handle it. He will be working with me.”

“Perhaps you two are in cahoots,” said the first old man.

“Hardly,” spat Clément. “He’s absurdly loyal to the yakuza, but he’s the only man for the job.” He nodded toward Ryu. “After all,” the ghoul added, “he’s already ‘made friends’ with Orison’s daughter.”

“What? We still kill the girl?” said Ryu.

“Yes. What did you expect? The old plan, the one you all agreed to, remember?” Clément replied quickly.

“Why should we trust you?” asked the third old man.

“Tell me,” said Clément, “what choice do you have?”

Of course, it was obvious. None. The creature had the microchip. He was clearly beyond intimidation. They must go along for a while.

“And what is it that you want?” asked the second old man.

“Nothing that belongs to you,” snapped Clément. “My reward lies in resuming the game.”

“Alright,” said the third old man. “We’re agreed.” He looked at the other two. They both bowed their heads in assent.

“Excellent,” said Clément with a gleeful leap. “I will let the Consortium know that that your organization definitely has possession of the chip. They’ll prepare the money for transfer and Ryu will proceed with our unusual drop. We will all get what we want.”

—DEAD LOVE/Chapter 10.2/Girl Crazy


  • boldlow

    Ah that crafty Clement. Love these excerpts. Look out Erin!